how to delete a blog on blogger

How To Delete Blogspot Blog

Do you want to your blogger delete blog? There may be times when you have to delete your blogger's blog. In this article here, today we will tell you how to delete blogspot.
how to delete blogspot
how to delete blog
Blogspot is the best platform for creating free blogs hosted by Google. And you do not need hosting on this as well as you also provide a free domain with a subdomain. It is completely free. You can also use the custom domain if you want, apart from this, you can earn good money from your blog using Google Adsense ads. But still you want to delete the blog so can.

So, let's tell you today that how to delete a blog on Blogger.

How To Delete A Blog On Blogger Step By Step

1 - You have to go to your Blogger account and log in there.

2 - Now you have to click on the Settings option, then click on Other option. Now you have to click on delete blog. As you can see in the screenshot below-
delete blogger account

3 - When you click on delete blog, a pop-up window will open in front of you. Here you have to click on Delete This Blog.
delete blogger

4 - Your blog will now be deleted but will not be permanently deleted. You can also publish it again.

5 - To delete blog permanently, you have to click on the Permanently Delete option.
blogger delete blog

6 - After that a new pop-up window will open in front of you. Click here Permanently Delete.
how to delete blogger account

Now after this you will redirect to the blogger deshbord.

So today, through this article you have told you how to delete a blog on Blogger How can you permanently delete your blog? If you liked this article, you must definitely shere.

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