Google Website Ranking Checker Tool

Google Page Rank Checker Tool

One of the determining factors for successful SEO of our websites is the choice of the right keywords. Then, strengthening the position of our pages compared to its last through On-Site and Off-Site optimization. With the help of a position tracking tool in Google against our targeted keywords.

Indeed, many bloggers or website owners, do not pay attention to these two aspects, during and after the creation of the content of their sites. As a result, their efforts may be somewhat scattered and will not lead to the desired results.

Once you have finished writing an article optimized for referencing your target keywords, the next step is to monitor its positioning in the search engines. Then, continue to create links to your article (inbound links or backlinks in English) with appropriate anchor texts. The more inbound links you have with an anchor text with your target keywords, the higher the ranking of your article in Google relative to the so-called "keywords" will improve.

In today's article, I'm going to tell you about Google's Web site Ranking Checker Tool, website ranking in google search and 5 tools to View Google's Position of A Key Word Site. So this post will last till then.

In this article we present a list of 5 tools that will allow you to easily know the Google position of your site, or your pages in relation to keywords.

Tol 5 Tools To View Google Position Of A KeyWord Site

1 - Ahrefs

google website rank checker
Ahrefs website rank checker
Aherfs automatically detects the keywords for which your domain name and your pages are positioned in Google. But, it is also a position verification tool in Google. Because, you can add your own "keywords" to analyze. It monitors your mobile and desktop placements in search results for any country. And display your Google Location History in a chart.

2 - SEMrush

google ranking tool
google  website ranking checker tool
SEMRush, allows you to check the ranking of your keywords from any page of your site. It supports Google and Bing search engines.
As for Aherfs, this tool will also tell you the keywords for which you are currently ranked, and has a range of other features to assist you in the successful SEO of your site.

3 - Small Seo Tools A Free Tool To Monitor Your Position In Google

google page rank tool
how to check keyword ranking in google analytics
Smallseotools, offers a set of free tools related to SEO (SEO). Including, a position search tool in Google. This allows you to check the ranking of a page against keywords that you fill in a form.

You can also target the country by choosing the Google engine dedicated to it. For example you can choose to consult the positions of your pages in France. Admittedly, it's less convenient and less elaborate than SEMRush or Ahrefs. Because, this free tool does not allow to have a history of position tracking of your keywords in Google, and you must fill in your Urls one by one. And fill in your keywords yourself for each of your searches. However, it remains a good free tool to get started with this topic and check the position of your targeted words in Google.

4 - Mangools SerpWatcher

online rank checker tool
rank checker online
As for Ahrefs, or SEMRush, Mangools offers several SEO tools including the tool SerpWatcher which is a tool that can monitor the position of your website in Google against a list of keywords that you define. This tool has the advantage of being cheaper compared to the first two. This is also the tool I currently use to monitor the position of my site on Google.

5 - Serprobot

website ranking in google
ranking of web pages
Like the "Small Seo Tools" site, Serprobot offers a free search that finds the Google position of a site against a list of keywords.

But in addition, this tool allows you to rent from $ 5, one or more robots to monitor the evolution of the position of your keywords in Google. You can start with one robot. Then, as your standby needs evolve, your positions rent more robots. Of course, from a number of robots, you better move to a flat rate.

Today, through this post, share information about Google Website Ranking Checker Tool. If this article is good to you, then definitely share it. Thanks..

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